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Born 9th March 2011

Dunwurkn Howz That JD GD SPD

Cricket - Now living with Sue & Murray in NSW will be doing Agility and having fun on the farm...

Choc Tri Male

Dunwurkn Too Hot Ta Handle

Sizzle - now living with Leslie in NSW will be doing Obedience & Agility...

Choc Merle Tri Male

Dunwurkn Triple Choc Edge

Edge - now living with Amie in Brisbane...

is on Limit Register and is not to be used for stud..

Chocolate Tri Male

Dunwurkn Trya Choc Whisky

Whisky - Now living with Micheal & Family in Maryborough...

Choc Tri Male

Dunwurkn Chocolatte Flirt

Bella - Now living with Renae in Brisbane and they are having fun learning

Agility and Canine Disc...

Choc White Girl

Dunwurkn Marbled Dazzle

Luce - Now living with Aya Tanaka in Japan, does Agility and is in training for search & rescue...

Choc Merle Boy

Dunwurkn Marbled Envy

Envy - Now living with Stacey & Joey in Brisbane will be doing Flyball...

Choc Merle Girl

Dunwurkn Fever Pitch

Fever - Now living with Wendy in Ipswich, will be doing Agility...

Choc Merle Girl

Rumour and her Babies