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Puppy Purchase Info

The goal of my breeding program is to produce a versatile border collie that can excel in all dog sports including, Agility, Obedience, Flyball and Herding... Structure and Temperament are a priority when considering any dogs that are used within my breeding program... Emphasis is on producing a dog sound in both mind and body... All dogs used for breeding are either DNA Tested or Clear by Parentage of the possible known diseases, results of each can be found on the My dogs page, any dog that is a carrier of any of disease will only ever be bred to dogs with a clear/normal status, I have not hip scored my dogs but have spoken to varying professionals from Vets to Physiotherapists & Chiropractors who felt that x-ray scoring would tell me the state of my dogs hips but would offer no clear guarantee of the puppies hip condition. Environmental factors play a large part of incidences of HD. I now own 3 generations of border collies from my lines, all have excelled at Agility, Canine Disc & Herding. The incidence of HD in Border Collies in australia is low, and on Veterinary examination I have been told the chances of problems in my dogs is very low and I have been advised to follow the path I have...

All my dogs live inside the house, and sleep on the bed if they wish to do so, all puppies bred by me are raised in the house amongst the hustle and bustle, when there eyes and ears begin to open they are exposed to many different sights and sounds, with either a radio left on during the day, or a sounds effects CD playing, with such sounds as babies crying, thunder, children screaming etc, when they are old enough they spend their days in the day pen, and are exposed to all the noises of the outdoors, including the mower, edge trimmer, power tools etc...

Basic training is started as young as 3 weeks old, puppies are encouraged to be exploratory around the house each day having little adventures, encouraged to check out new objects and walk over new surfaces, they have toys introduced to the X pen from 3 weeks, toys are regulated on a daily basis which all helps to stimulate their minds... I have regular play session with each puppy and group sessions from 4 weeks, puppies are encouraged to interact with tug toys and also retrieve toys, as well as follow me around, as they grow their adventures become outdoor adventures along with the big dogs each day around the property... Toilet training is started as young as 3 weeks old, puppies are encouraged to sleep in a crate in their X pen, and come out to toilet... In their outdoor pen they have access to a covered area, where there beds are kept which is on a concrete surface as well as a grassed exercise area and very quickly puppies learn to go out to toilet on the grass.

While Dunwurkn Border Collies are seen out and about in the Agility, Canine Disc and Obedience arenas many are also living their lives in companion homes... My Priority is to assure that each Dunwurkn Puppy is a family member first and foremost whether they compete in dog sports or not!!! I encourage anyone to inquire about one of my puppies regardless of whether or not you compete in dog sports or are just looking for that wonderful lifetime companion...

Cost of a puppy includes vet check, and 1st vaccination at 6-7 weeks, regular worming schedule every 2 weeks, an extensive puppy pack with all the info you will need to help you raise a wonderful dog, for those that come collect their puppy a sample of the food that the puppies have been grown up on will also be provided, as well as constant support throughout the dogs life from me...

I encourage potential new owners to make contact at any time to talk about my dogs, puppies and express your interest, however I don't keep wait lists but ask that you keep an eye on the Dunwurkn Facebook page for litter announcements, and then to contact me by phone or email / messenger to be considered for one of my puppies...

Purchasing Policy

Below is my policy on purchasing a Dunwurkn Puppy.

I do my best to assure that the personality of the puppy/dog matches the personality of the person/family they will be living with. This is why I have chosen to make my policy on purchasing a puppy what it is.

I don't take deposits, but will ask for full payment prior to collecting your puppy...

All Puppies will either be sold on a breeding rights agreement or a non-breeding agreement. All puppies sold with breeding rights are sold either on a co-ownership contract for puppies staying within Australia, or an Export contract. Female dogs must be two years old before being bred, and will never be bred on consecutive seasons, there must be at least 1 heat between the litter of females. Breedings must be approved by us before they take place. Once the dog is spayed or neutered, i will sign off as co-owner and give the buyer full ownership of the dog... Non-breeding dogs are still eligible to compete in performance events and other dog sports. If the puppy is registered with the ANKC, it will be on ANKC limited registration. The only difference is that the puppy cannot compete in ANKC conformation or be bred from. New owners are required to Sign my Purchasing Agreement...

I do not allow people to choose a specific puppy at birth solely based on coloring or markings (which is all that can be seen at birth). Personality and temperament are far more important qualities to take into consideration when choosing a companion or performance partner. I make every effort to accommodate the choices of the perspective homes, but I will NOT place a puppy in a home if I do not believe it is the right personality for a particular home. Puppies will not be selected for the prospective homes until they are at least 5-7 weeks old...

When there is a litter on the ground, those who have kept in touch will be contacted.. As the litter matures, if there is not a puppy that I believe will suit a home’s personality needs, that person/home will be contacted so that they make a decision to wait for the next litter or look for a puppy elsewhere... This can happen if a home is looking for a specific sex or there is a color requirement.

Individuals looking to purchase a Dunwurkn Puppy on full registration for breeding are dealt with on an individual basis. I am very selective on where my pups go.

I prefer all new owners to come collect their puppy, but i do understand this is not always possible... the closest airports to me are the Sunshine Coast Airport, or Brisbane Airport, i can ship puppies throughout Australia, however puppies will not be shipped until at least 9 weeks of age, all transport costs include me getting the puppy to the airport will be accountable for by the new owner, i will consider transporting a puppy outside of Australia, however this will be dealt with on an individual basis and i would require at least 3 references from your vet, trainer, previous breeder you have purchased a puppy from.

If you wish to discuss things further, please feel free to contact me. I am always willing to work with a perspective puppy/dog owner and do my best to accommodate. However, keep in mind that my primary concerns are for the safety and well-being of the puppies I breed. Please be sure to state all your concerns before sending your deposit.

Cost of a Dunwurkn Puppy

on the Limit Register from $3500AUD

on the Main register in Co-ownership agreement only is $4000 AUD

Export puppy on Full Main Register maybe considered cost starts at $4500 AUD

. (price is as at Jan 2021 Price is subject to change at anytime without notice)

Please Send an email to [email protected] or 

phone Allison on 0428186053 to discuss