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Born 10th November 2016

We welcomed 8 healthy strong puppies, 6 Males & 2 Females. Lark is a super first time mum.

Blink - Dunwurkn Say It Aint So

Blue Merle Tri Male

lives in South Australia, loves beach walks and swimming, has recently started some Agility training

Gus - Dunwurkn Our Hearts Desire

Black Tri Male

lives in Tasmania, as a family companion and has had some obedience tarining

Time - Dunwurkn Its Showtime

Choc Tri Female

Lives in Western Australia, trains and competes in Agility, a speedy girl.. certainly a show stopper

Presto - Dunwurkn Hey Presto

Choc Merle Tri Male

Lives in NSW, trains and competes in Agility, and has also been started on Sheep

Twix - Dunwurkn Perfect Choice 

Choc Merle Tri Male

Lives in Brisbane and trains and competes in Agility & Canine Disc

Extra - Dunwurkn Whats One More

Choc Merle Tri Female

stayed with us here at Dunwurkn Border Collies, trains and competes in Canine Disc


Tigger - Dunwurkn Eye Of The Tiger

Black Tri Male

sadly Tigger was put to sleep by his new owner at 15months of age, for biting the canine physio whilst under going treatment.

My preference would of been as is with all Dunwurkn Puppies that he be returned to me. 

Ace - Dunwurkn A Deluxe Edition

Choc Tri Male

Now Lives in South Korea, and trains and competes in Canine Disc