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Wottapud Roki Road RN AD JD SD GD SPD HSAs


Coco was born in Gympie at Wottapud Kennels on the 22/11/2004, by John and Carrol Penn, It was a day to remember when i picked her up at 8 weeks of age....

She is all what one could want in a faithful companion and more....

Coco has a very gentle nature and a real flair for dog sports....

Australian Agility Champion (AAC) is my Coco, its been a fun journey to get this title and the last card needed was got with a good friend Simone Holt in August 2013... Coco certainly loves her agility and her passion is awesome to watch out on course.


Coco just loves Agility, I am very pleased to have earnt her Australian Agility Champion Title(ADAA), we do both codes being ANKC & ADAA... We only started in ANKC a few years ago and split our time between the two codes to be able to enter more local competitions. She loves agility so much she even plays with others, and her Agility Champion was gained with the help of 2 friends, a huge thanks to Lucie Corrie a friend visiting from the UK who along with her partner Paul had a fantastic time running Agility in OZ, Our friend Simone Holt has also contributed to her AAC earning the last 2 cards for her AAGD (Australian Agility Games Dog) & AAC in August 2013...


Coco enjoys playing Canine Disc or Frisbee as known more by some,so far we have earnt her CDB ( Canine Disc Beginner ) & GDE (Games Dog Excellent) Titles


Herding is something Coco enjoys very much, out of all the sports i feel she would be happy to do this all day everyday... She will work Sheep & Ducks... Due to not having enough access to stock we only do this part time, and decided to embark on ANKC Trials... She has earnt her HSAs ( Herding Started A Course Sheep) Title, we do hope to continue to B Course and higher levels but time on stock is our problem, We do have some Ducks at home so will be working towards her Duck titles as well...