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News & Results

News & Results

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2014 Update

Posted by dunwurkn on September 23, 2014 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (1443)

Well what a year 2014 has been...

I know its been a while since my last blog post, seems most updates are via facebook these days... Plenty has happened since my last blog... Coco gained her Australian Agility Champion Title in August 2013, Rumour had a litter of Puppies with Detail in Feb 2014 the first Dunwurkn/Dunwurkn Litter. I was chosen as Team Manager for Team Australia representing ADAA at teh IFCS World Championships in the Netherlands in May 2014... and what an event it was, Team Australia done well with our borrowed dogs, was great to be able to attend such a great event watching top class world competitors battle it out. I made the decision to go a week early and visit Germany and a 3 day Canine Disc Event, had a great time and got to meet some aweosome European Disc Teams, Many Thanks to Julia Zimmerman for making it possible and giving me somewhere to stay for a few days...

Some big news was i also visited Shepherds Own Kennels on my way from Germany to Netherlands, where i got to see our new Addition Lark who was just 3 days old... such a precious memory... And yes thats some big news as well, I have teamed up with my good friend Denise at Kaden Working Border Collies to Import not 1 but 2 pups/dogs well they will be dogs by the time they get here, our quarantine restrictions makes it hard to Import, and i have to thank Kirstin & Tom from Shepherds Own for offering to raise Lark & Keeper until they are eligible to fly into Australia... Both these pups are from pure working lines, and i look forward to the adventures they will take us in the future.

Some other news is GT gained her Australian Agility Championship Title in August, she has been handled by a friend who also owns her daughter Spree the past 18months or so, and she only needed 1 Agility Card for this title, but i made the decision to continue to let Carl handle her to get that last card. was a great moment for all of us...

There has been plenty of Dunwurkn offspring out there having fun gaining plenty of titles and accomplishments too many to mention here, but its been a great year for the Dunwurkn Kids, and we look forward to many great years to come with lots more news of titles and wins :)

Things have been relatively quiet on the puppy front, but after some deliberation i have decided i will Breed Logic & Decoy, when Decoy next comes on heat, which could be any day... should be some crazy puppies in the litter... and i do think i will hopefully get to keep one.

A first for us this year also was being offered a TV Commercial job for GT, It was a funfilled week on XXXX Island shooting for 4 days, we look forward to seeing the commercial televised. We had great feedback from the entire filmcrew, and GT eanred a few nicknames including being dubbed the Audrey Hepburn of the dog world. I'll be sure to post links to the commercial when it is aired.

2015 is looking to be a funfilled year for sure, i hope to embark on our 3 Sheep Journey and am looking to enter a few of the dogs into some 3 Sheep Trials over Easter, before trekking off to Sydney to Collect Lark & Keeper, I also look forward to another Trip out West to Longreach to visit Spring Plains Station and Denise & Steve at  Kaden Working Border Collies. And amogst all that also get some Agiltiy & Canine Disc Trials in :)

Gonna sign off by sharing this pic taken at a Photgraphy Workshop we were invited to, and where Focus was one of the Models, i offered them to do a 7 dog shoot they were all amazed that they could get to take pictures of 7 BC's at once :)

April Update

Posted by dunwurkn on April 25, 2013 at 3:50 AM Comments comments (685)

Well i have been a little busy of late, and the computer decided to crash, finally i am back on line and hopefully can stay more up to date with things... We know have broadband internet. YAY!!! makes things soo much easier to upload and download, so the website has been updated a bit, and i hope to do more updates soon...

The Dunwurkn Kids have been busy out and about trialling with lots of wins and place and a few more titles... i hope i have caught up on everything and titles have been updated for each of you :) if you ave achived a title and i have some how missed it then droip me a quick messgae so i can get it up to date...

The Rumour/Focus puppies have all left for new adventures with lots of exciting times ahead i am sure :).... I am excited to announce we do have a new member to the Dunwurkn Crew - Scream or Dunwurkn Raising Hell :) the only female from Rumours litter... She will not be living here with us, but instead has gone to live with a friend in Brisbane where she will be trained for Agility, Flyball, Canine Disc & Herding... How exciting and busy times ahead for her...

Just wanted to Share the latest Family Pic :) including puppies who were 5 weeks old...

Rumour Puppies 2013

Posted by dunwurkn on February 28, 2013 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (544)

Puppies arrived on the 17th February, The first boy whelped at 8.24am and the last at 12.30pm...

It was a uneventful whelping and all pups are doing very well.

Rumour is a very proud mother and absolutely adores her puppies as can be seen in this Picture.


More up to date Pics will be uploaded soon.


Puppies that are available include

1 Choc White Male


1 Choc Tri Male

1 Choc Merle Male

1 Choc Merle Tri Female


If you would like to inquire about this litter please fill out the questionnaire or give me a call...

Please take the time to read my Puppy Purchasing Info page as well as the Purchasing Agreement before inquiring about purchasing a puppy.



Posted by dunwurkn on October 15, 2012 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (835)

Goes to Dunwurkn All That N More - Spree(GT/Focus 2011) and her handler Carl Steele for some great results to kick off their Agility Career... In just over a month of trialling have managed to gain her JD Title, AAD Title and a few more passes to many more...

Trial Results from the Weekend at Hervey Bay ANKC Trial

2nd Place Q in Excellent Jumping

3rd Place Q in Excellent Jumping

5th Place Q in Novice Snooker

3rd Place Q in Novice Agility...

Recent results from the ADAA Grandprix held at Aelec Stadium in Tamworth

Starters Maxi Agility Q & 10th Place

Intermediate Midi Jumping Q & 3rd Place

Starters MAxi Jumping Q & 8th Place

Intermediate Midi Agility Q & 2nd Place

Starters Maxi Jumping Q & 11th Place

Also Cricket (Dunwurkn Howz That(Rumour Focus 2011) picked up his first Novice Jumping Q at Armidale with a 2nd Place SCT 35 he blitzed it in 19.81

Boost (Dunwurkn Choc Turbo Boost(Coco/Focus 2010) Also had some good runs at the ADAA Grand Prix with just 1 fault...

Starters Midi Agility 6th 1 fault

Starters Midi Jumping 9th 1 Fault (SCT 53sec - Boost Time 17.37sec)

Starters Midi Agility 7th 1 Fault

Intermediate Midi Jumping 8th 1 Faults (SCT 55 - Boost time 29.63)

Intermediate Midi Jumping 3rd Place and a Q (SCT 50 - Boost Time 34.76)

September Update

Posted by dunwurkn on September 16, 2012 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (385)

Well what a great weekend, we just had...

Saturday seen me pack everyone up(puppies included) for a road trip to Elimbah QLD, for the Suncoast Fundaogs Agility Trial... For the first time in a long time, i only had 1 dog entered which was Focus, as the girls are still on rest to recover from little injuries and maternity duties...

I had no expectations for Focus, as we have not had much of a chance to get some real training in, our first run was in the 3 dog team game he ran brilliantly, so i decided in his next event to run it for real, as i was planning on doing another training run, it was a real nice run and we went Clear :)  which gave us his last Q needed for his Australian Agility Dog Title :) and we did it with a 1st place as well... very proud of my Boy, our next 2 runs i did NFC so i could reward with his toy in the ring and they were just as brilliant :) very much looking forward to our next competition...

The puppies all had a fantastic day with lots of socialization, they were all very tired by the time we got home, and slept most of Sunday as well :)

I also got to see some Dunwurkn Kids in action at the trial, Torque(Dunwurkn More Torque(Coco/Focus 2010)) is showing a lot of promise and it was great to see him and JB having some fun getting around the courses... Spree(Dunwurkn All That N More(GT/Focus 2011)) made her ADAA Debut, her and Carl looked to be enjoying themselves immensly they came away with 2 Qualifying Certificates, with a 1st & 3rd Place, and also placed in another of their runs... Fever(Dunwurkn Fever Pitch(Rumour/Focus 2011)) also made her debut in ADAA, her and Wendy looked to be having plenty of fun in the 2 NFC rounds they did... looking forward to watching all these dogs over the coming months :)

Got some news that Boost (Dunwurkn Choc Turbo Boost(Coco/Focus 2010)) acheived their JD Title with a 1st place at the Brisbane Metro Trial on Sunday.. Well Done to Petrina & Boost...

Some news from Japan - Aya & Luce(Dunwurkn Marbled Dazzle(Rumour/Focus 2011)) also made their agility debut and came home with a 2nd place at their first tournament :)

Comp Results

Posted by dunwurkn on August 26, 2012 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (366)

Well the dogs are all on a break from Agility after a recent visit to their Physio, so in the meantime while they are working on recovering from some minor injuries we have had a bit of fun back doing foundation games, for some fun i decided to enter them in a Rally-O (Rally Obedience Trial) in Gympie on the 26th August... As GT is on Maternal duties it was only Coco, Focus & Rumour who got to play.. well considering i have never really done any obedience training, we done reasonably well... Focus had some fun and a mistake by me cost him a Qualifying pass, Rumour really enjoyed it and we managed a 85point Qualifying score with a 3rd place, Coco was exceptional as usual pulling off a ripper 95point Qualifying score and 2nd place, we lost points only for her exuberant barking :)

We might just have to put some effort in some training and enter another trial now and then :)

GT Puppies

Posted by dunwurkn on August 26, 2012 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (515)

We have Puppies...

They are 2 weeks old today, they arrived with some difficulties on the 13/8/2012 by C-Section, as a result GT is now desexed so these are the last GT babies...

We welcomed 10 beautiful babies into the world, at 2 weeks old they are all doing well and have grown very nicely... GT is being an exceptional mum...

The Choc Merle Girl will be staying and we are pleased to announce the latest addition to the Dunwurkn Family..

Decoy (Dunwurkn Without A Doubt) and her litter mates pitcured here at 1 day old...

Herding News July 2012

Posted by dunwurkn on July 23, 2012 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (512)

We have had some fun this year at our herding trials.

May seen us head off to Postmans Ridge QLD, where Coco, GT & Focus entered their first Started Trials with Sheep, & Rumour gave the PT course a go, well i was more than happy with how we went, Coco gaining a pass each day on Started A Course, and managaing a Reserve High in Trial on the Sat... GT & Focus had 1 pass each on the Sat but on Sunday had some trouble with the sheep... Rumour was fanatstic in the PT course getting a pass each day and her PT Title, with the Encourage Prize on Sunday...

From Left - Right :- Coco, Rumour, GT, Focus & My friends 2 Koolies Ripley & Rush

We stayed at this great place called Six Mile Country Retreat, it was fantastic and a great place to camp with dogs, they had this big old Bedford Truck and some Playground Equipment in the paddock so we couldnt help getting pics with the dogs...

June came along and we set off for the German Shepard Dog Club Trials at Toogoolawah, Judge for the weekend was Colin Webster, I entered Coco & Rumour on Ducks on the Sat, and they both done well, Coco gaining her first Started A course Ducks Pass with a 88.5 point score, Rumour i retired as one of her Ducks was injured...

All the dogs were entered in Started A Course Sheep Both Days, and all done well Coco getting passes both days and her HSAs(Herding Started A Course Sheep) Title with a Reserve High In Trial, GT & Focus also getting 2 passes and GT a High in Trial on Sunday, which also gave them their HSAs Titles. Rumour had a good pass on Sunday, Saturday had some stubborn sheep so we retired... I was very impressed with our efforts as all dogs acheived scores over 91 on both days on Sheep.

July Seen us head to a Short Course Sheep Trial held at Woodford, Coco, GT & Focus were in the Open Class, was challenging as we have not trained obstacles, but thought we would give it a go, Rumour was in Novice and drew some sheep that were hard to move,  they all went well and we look forward to giving it another go at some time...

Here is a Pic of Focus working Sheep at the Short Course Trial

And Here is One of My Favorite Pics of Coco with Sheep

Previous Comp Results

Posted by dunwurkn on July 23, 2012 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (257)

Ok so it will be a bit much Copy & Pasting all the results from previous comps, so the pages will remain and a link will be here ...

Coco's Competition Results

GT's Competition Results

Focus's Competition Results

Rumours Previous Agility Results up until January 2012

October 2011:

FCAD - Rumour ran very well while No clear rounds managed a 1st Place Intermediate Midi Agility

November 2011:

ACDQ - had a couple good NFC runs so as i could reward her in the ring, We ran the Elementary run for Competition just 1 fault but claimed 3rd Place

WAAG - Rumour had just the one run in Elementary Agility, just stepped on the Long Jump but still came in 3rd Place

December 2011:

BAD - yep we entered yet another trial, just 2 events Elementary & Starters Jumping, She was fantastic gaining her first every Clear Round Card and showed some real speed in the Starters course just running past the last 2 jumps to drive the home stretch for her toy :)

3rd Place Elementary Jumping - Clear Round

January 2012:

ADAA WAC Fundraiser - Dusk Till Dawn

I nearly wasnt going to enter her in this event, but oh so glad i did... What a great way to see out 2011 and see in 2012... Was a great fun night... I had entered her in 4 events for the night, she ran awesomely all night really turned on the speed nailed 3 sets of 12 weave poles with front cross entries... her results

3rd Place Elementary Jumping - Clear Round

2nd Place Starters Agility - Clear Round

1st Place Starters Jumping - Clear Round

her 4th run was another Starters Jumping, just one refusal on a jump, but a super fantastic run in the wee hours of the morning :))



Our New News & Results Blog

Posted by anonymous on July 1, 2012 at 4:10 AM Comments comments (1234)

I have added this page to keep all our results in one place, i will be removing the individual results pages from each of the dogs, but will copy and paste all info here... I will also endeavour to post news of any Dunwurkn Puppies acheivements here as well :)

I wanted to kick this off with a picture from an article in our Local Paper, if me and my current dogs :) the dogs from Left to right - Buddy, GT, Coco, Logic(6weeks), Focus & Rumour, plus me of course :)